December 23, 2022
Venue: Imperfecto Boutique, Delhi
Phone: 9769396635


Poetry is where I come from, it’s my roots – Osho Jain, a singer-songwriter, Osho Jain has released around 34 songs with ‘Khush Toh Hai Na’, ‘Tu Aisa Kaise Hai’, ‘Khud Se’, ‘Kya Pata’ being the most popular ones. With lyrics that stimulate the senses, you never knew were there, Osho Jain heals people with his melancholic melodies. His eager and intuitive soul turns his music into medicine. He has been writing and learning music since he was 12. His musical journey started with his indie-rock band ‘Aankh Micholi’. His collaborations with Dominos, UCB, Instagram, Amazon, etc have graced his social journey. His latest performance at the MTV World Music Carnival and NH7 Weekender made him more lovable by his audience. His latest song ‘Sabun Dil’ is a fun pop-rock track. The song talks about getting our hearts back on track after a crazy heartbreak. Life goes all pop, rock, jazz, and reggae at once. Osho has more than 25 Million plus streams across platforms and about 4 lacs plus monthly listeners on Spotify. His audience’s steady growth, love, and organic support make him one of the most popular Independent artists in our country.


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