From Country, Rock to Rhythm and Blues, music is ever evolving and every once in a while we stumble upon an unexplored artist that blows our mind away. Years before Former US President Barack Obama recognised Prateek Kuhad and included one of his songs ‘Cold/mess’ in his annual list of favourite music, the singer was making waves in India, impressing almost every youngsters with his vocals.

However, not every artist gets the hype and credit they deserve. Even today, a single scroll through YouTube will bring to you a plethora of options with some of the most amazing indie artists that are yet to be discovered. Planning to refresh your playlist for the weekend? Why not give these indie artists and songs a try!


When Chai Met Toast

‘When Chai Met Toast’ is a four member band that is known for its refreshing and lighthearted music. The band is extremely versatile and creates music in both Hindi and English and even features Tamil and Malayalam lyrics. Some of the popular songs by the band are ‘Khoj’, Beautiful World, Run Closer, Joy of Little Things among others.


Dream Note

With relatable lyrics and soothing music, Dream Note has won the hearts of many with its songs. However, the band is yet to receive the love it deserve. Formed by Gaurav Tiwari and Sachin Singh in 2014, the band now consists of six members. The songs ‘Tere Janey Ke Baad’, Waqt ki baatein and Na Kehna Tum are quite popular among its listeners.


Osho Jain

Singer-songwriter Osho Jain is known for his soulful lyrics and music that beautifully captures the human emotion. The independent artist has a loyal fan following and has created amazing songs that include Khush To Hai Na, Tu Aisa Kaise Hai? among others.


The Yellow Diary

Musical group ‘The Yellow Diary’ has a song for every mood and the lyrics are often thought provoking. The five member band consists of Rajan Batra, Himonshu Parikh, Vaibhav Pani, Stuart DaCosta and Sahil Shah with the aim to create poetry inspired soulful tracks.


The Local Train

Formed in 2008, The Local Train features four band members that comprise of lead vocalist, lyricist and guitarist Raman Negi, lead electric guitarist Paras Thakur, bassist Ramit Mehra, and drummer and percussionist Sahil Sarin. The indie rock music by the band has been loved by its fans. Despite several hit songs, the band is yet to receive the credit they deserve.


Bharat Chauhan

The lyrics of the song ‘Ghar’ by musical artist Bharat Chauhan perfectly describe the emotions of a heartbroken person. However, neither the artist not the song has received the hype it deserves.


Twin Strings

Based out of Delhi, Twin Strings is a four member band that is known for its relatable lyrics and tasteful renditions. Some of its popular songs include Dhalti Rahe, Tujhse Hoti Hai Subha and Doorie.

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