Uljhe Hue, starring Sanjana Sanghi and Abhay Verma (The Family Man 2 fame), is now streaming on Amazon miniTV.
Director Satish Raj Kasireddi explores a bond between two strangers that evolves into something special in this short film.
The interesting story by Ida Ali—filmmaker Imtiaz Ali’s daughter—explores the concept of online dating.
It is perfect to watch on Valentine’s Day.
Here’s our review.


This is the story of ‘Uljhe Hue’

Rasika (Sanghi) is an introvert who gets stood up on a date following which she bumps into Varun (Verma), a lawyer by profession.
They start a conversation about how random online dating does not work for them.
The accidental meeting begins with them exchanging smiles and talking about their dating lives.
The normal chat turns into something more meaningful at a later stage.


You will instantly fall in love with the two characters

The best thing about the lead pair, Sanghi and Verma, is their chemistry.
The simplicity in performance will make you fall for them in the very first scene.
Their body language and calm demeanor lend a steady pace to the film.
The situations and the characters’ thoughts are two things in the short film that every viewer would be able to relate to.


Why should you watch ‘Uljhe Hue’?

The concept of online dating—where people have catchy bios and attractive pictures—has been explained in a realistic way.
The story deals with the two possibilities of a date getting adventurous or being a complete disaster.
Director of photography, Lakhan Rathore, has done an excellent job and has presented bright pastel colors and neutrals beautifully.
The dialogues in the short are also simple and relatable.


A perfect short film to watch with your loved one

Also, the title track of Uljhe Hue, sung by Melissa Srivastava and composed by Osho Jain, is a jazzy number with a western feel to it.


Verdict: The short film gets 3 stars (story, performances, and direction).

If you want to have a cozy romantic date this Valentine’s Day, watch Uljhe Hue with your partner. It will definitely bring a smile to your face.

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