We bring you artists with strong vocal and composition abilities who have the potential to make a significant impact in the music industry.

The inspiration to create never ends. The perfect syncing of words and music creates a masterpiece often leaving people in awe. Exhibiting great talent, this list of musical geniuses with their original musical composition is a treat to the ears. Presenting their own stories through genuine lyrical compositions with their gifted vocals, the songs they put out hit close to home. These underrated artists continue to share a part of their lives which often ends up being feelings and experiences we have all shared. Creative forces are working at their best to make you feel emotions from the past ranging from nostalgia to a lover.

Pulkit Jain – Koi Na Koi

A raw beautifully composed piece by Pulkit Jain is mesmerizing to hear. The vocals are emphasised in a way that captures the essence of the song aptly. The retro vibe in the video and song will soothe your indie taste. A love song about finding someone and the beauty in it is depicted through soothing vocals and light supporting background instruments. The music video is directed goes well with the music and has its own aspects of stories to narrate. Pulkit simple love song is a piece to appreciate the unbelievable sides of love.

Credits: YouTube Pulkit Jain

Osho Jain- Usko Sab Pata Hai

Osho presents a slow nostalgic song that manages to bring back significant triviality that makes life worth living. His vocals and the gravity of the clever spectacular lyricism with every single line are commendable. Osho’s song is a narration of life that brings back nostalgia with gentle strumming in the background. The aesthetics of the music video is a mirror reflection of dim home-like spaces in the afternoon where we all find ourselves. The lyrics will definitely leave you awestruck and you will be left wanting more from this musician. ‘An ode to my childhood’, is how Osho aptly describes this song.

Credits: YouTube Osho Jain

Akanksha Dhyani- Marigold

Marigold, a song collaboratively performed by Akanksha and Vivasvan is a lovely composition. A story of an old lover, their vocals entirely lure you into their world. This short creation by them is a perfect sync of vocals and rhythm. The voices of the vocalists blend fluently which is extremely appealing to the ears. The instruments just set the right mood resonating with the energy that the song wants to deliver. The lyrics and the nonchalant vibe of the song will get you swaying and jamming. Marigold is a fun song to go down memory lane or dedicate to someone.

Credits: YouTube VocalExpressions Akanksha Dhyani

Saahel – Zariya

Saahel as an artist brings a variety mixture of melody, rhythm and beats in his songs. Capturing the listener’s attention in an instant, the beats are groovy and will get you hooked on exploring other new genres of music. Lyrics leave an impact and are easy to sing along with the upbeat background. The music video for the song Zariya is a visual representing his future aspiration and promising potential. Saahel music production and creativity evidently show there is so much more to look forward to in the coming days.

Credits: YouTube Saheel

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