Billy Joel once said, “Musicians want to be the loud voice for so many quiet hearts.” What you cannot fathom into simple words, you find in the poetry of another. Giving us music and lyrics that not only resonate with our hearts, but has also become an expression for many who are failed by words, singer and songwriter Osho Jain stuck the right chords with his music and become a favourite amongst the millennial and Gen Z audiences in the country.

In conversation with Osho Jain:

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And independent artist who finds beauty in melancholia and simplicity in the complexities of love, Osho Jain has a diverse audience that sways to his songs with a soulful smile on their face. Starting at an early age of 12, Jain’s skyrocketed to success with every song he has released. Some of his most famous tuned are ‘Khush Toh Hai Na’, ‘Tu Aisa Kaise Hai’, ‘Khud Se’, ‘Kya Pata’.

The Indore-bred artist has found his way to many hearts and continues to make music for the masses. He will soon be performing live at SAUCE by SOCIAL, a festival that is centered around Music, Art, Crypto & Hypewear with the first edition held in Mumbai, and the second edition is happening from the 25th to 26th March.

Here’s catching up with Osho to find out more about what inspires him to make music that stirs so many souls. Excerpts…

Tell us a little about your journey so far…

My journey so far has been really good. My life has always been about music and I have been really lucky to be able to do it my way.

The is a sense of sadness yet calmness in your songs. What’s been your biggest inspiration and driving factor?

There is no one such inspiration or driving factor in my life. I am a very observant and inquisitive person and I try to write on the most personal human emotions. I think that makes it very intimate.

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What has been your favourite from your own work over the years?

I think my album ‘Saar’ is really special. Each and every song from the album has its own story. It is also special because it is my debut album.

Do you draw from your own experiences?

Yes! Almost all of my songs have come out from a very personal space and experience. Songs that come from my own life are the most hones ones.

I have a friend who introduced me to your song Tu Asia Kaise Hai. He loves to play it at parties on his guitar. I would love to know the story behind that simple yet beautiful song…

Oh wow! I am so glad. Tu Aisa Kaise hai is indeed a very special track for me as well.

I personally feel that love is all about ease and simplicity. I don’t know why we make it so complex. This song is all about the most simple things you feel in love. I just had this phrase ‘tu aisa kaise hai’ as an idea. One day I was just noodling around on my guitar and the song came out in that flow.

Do you remember the first time you encountered a fan and what did it make you feel?

It is a very special feeling! For me it’s a very funny story. I was at some cafe in my hometown and I figured that some people on the other table are looking at me. I didn’t realise why they were staring at me. Later they came to me and took pictures and autograph.

Osho Jain

What stirs your soul as an artist?

Everything happening around in the world stirs my soul. There is so much to see and feel. It just makes me a question a lot of things. Start from climate change to the basic human behaviours, everything makes me think and right about those things.

What does 2023 look like for you?

2023 is going to be one massive year for me. I have been constantly working on my songs and my live performance. My band has really evolved over the past one and a half year and even my new songs have a different sound to it. I am rediscovering a lot of things this year.

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