After years of listening to mainstream Bollywood songs, I accidentally stumbled upon a whole gold mine of soulful music that resides on YouTube.

It happened while listening to the OG Indie musician Prateek Kuhad, who was one of the hidden gems, an underrated artist who slowly started gaining popularity among youngsters.


His expressive words, relaxed beats and even the aesthetic music videos speak to us like no other. However, he isn’t the only Indie musician who is striking the right chords with the young adults.

Whether you are traveling in the hills or chilling with your friends, these musicians will give you all the right vibes.

If you love Prateek Kuhad’s music, here are 5 other Indie music artists who are just as good and would keep you tapping your feet throughout the entire bus journey:

Table of Contents

  • When Chai Met Toast
  • Anuj Jain
  • Taba Chake
  • Osho Jain
  • Suzonn

The four member boy band sparks little joys with their beautiful and incaptivating compositions like ‘When We Feel Young’ and ‘Khoj’.

The Kochi-based multilingual band has a knack for seizing emotions through their films.


I fell in love with his song ‘Alag Aasman’ the moment I heard it. It captures the beauty and struggle of a long distance relationship with the sound of a ukulele as the backdrop.


The music of this guitarist is as serene as the hills he hails from.

Chake is from Arunachal Pradesh and often draws inspiration from the tribal folktales which reflects in his mesmerising music and lyrics.


A singer songwriter from a small town, Indore is one of the most underrated music artists in the industry.

Most of his songs are incredibly relatable and have a deep meaning or message hidden in the words. His song ‘Kya Pata’ speaks of the insecurities we experience in love and friendship.


Another Indie musician who is undiscovered by many but totally needs to be on your playlist is Suzonn.

I heard one of his songs ‘Sun Lo Na’ on someone’s Instagram Reels and it was the best music discovery I am thankful for. His music and style of singing is so soothing and calming, you’ll listen to him on loop.

Who are some other underrated artists that you know of? Keep adding them to the list and let the world know about their talent.

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